About Me

Hey y’all! I’m Deidra, a Registered Dietitian who enjoys cooking, baking and experimenting with food. I believe we can find the good in whatever we choose to eat and fit things into whatever budget and lifestyle we have.

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I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee which is known for many things, and health is not one of them! I’ve seen family members and friends struggle with many nutrition related issues and at times, obsess over nutrition. Life should be as stress free as possible and so should food, which led me to create this.
I have worked as a Dietitian in many different settings, and from these experiences, I have learned that no two people are the same. It is important to focus on individual aspects of each person when it comes to nutrition. My philosophy is that our body always tells us what it needs.

I like to follow these simple rules when it comes to food:
1.) Eat what makes you FEEL good, physically and mentally.
2.) Never feel guilty about anything you eat.
3.) Prepare meals at home with high nutrient content, most of the time.
Thank you for stopping by!